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Our premium Discord server offers members a place to come together to learn and trade all in one place. Inside the group, we provide countless educational resources, live streams, and opportunities for members to grow in their trading journey.

Even in the toughest of market conditions, we still come out on top.
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We give you all of the essential data for you to use to your advantage while trading in the market. We make it very minimal and easy to digest so that anyone from beginner to experienced traders can understand it.

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"@Cegs218 has done a lot for me. He has taught me patience and discipline, when to take trades and when to cut them as well as when to take profit. Anyone in the entire world can benefit from a place like this. I’m convinced he could teach my 3 year-old daughter how to chart and trade. The amount of education here alone is worth it. But why I really love this place is the camaraderie among the other traders and members of this discord and the fact that it’s always a positive vibe. I was hurting for money when I first joined over a year ago, now this membership has more than paid for itself and I will be buying the lifetime very soon. I didn’t know what an option was or anything about the market before I joined. Thank you @Cegs218 for all you do man. I owe you big time."
"If you’re weary about trading and want to learn, this is the perfect place to do it. Sign up for premium and start a paper trading account if you don’t want to learn with your money. I am quite new, joined early January of 2022, and I absolutely love it. Again, even if you want to paper trade for a couple weeks to figure it all out, the community and the knowledge you’ll gain right away are worth the price of premium alone."
"I was in this server a little over a year ago and I have been extremely impressed with the growth and resources that have been made available. The members are always willing to lend a hand or offer advice. The server has a wide variety of trading channels, covering everything from stocks to options. There are also regular educational sessions and trading challenges to help members improve their skills and knowledge. I have made some great connections and learned a lot from this server. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in trading or looking to improve their skills."
"I've been in premium for about 4 months now. I've been watching videos and paid thousands of dollars to "mentors" who were really just scammers. Yes, I've made some and some of it was made while still in free chat but buying premium has opened new doors for me. I just hit a play for 158% with 25% still running. That was a play that I took on my own and it was all because of the TA I've learned while in premium. I'm telling you guys it's worth it. That one trade alone I made enough for another month and a half of premium and I still have runners going. This play could be looking at like 225% all out."
"I’m a licensed advisor (I joined for my own personal account only). But I have learned so much more just watching the getting started matierials. They don’t teach you this shit at the big brokerage houses this is the real deal!"
"Listen up I've had premium for a little over 3 months and I started my account with $1,500 to my name. This discord over time has gained me well over $26,000 in that time frame. Screw the money though, if you are serious about learning to trade and want to get serious about your investments I would truly think hard because if you have the focus and patience to learn from these guys you will literally change your life and your financial freedom. Personally I think @Cegs218 is god, he’s always so deep into these charts and plays and wants the best for every damn member whether that’s a 10% gain or a 75% gain. I have learned solely from him and trusted him with my money. This is the best Discord you will find, if you are looking just stop. This is the Discord if you are serious about changing your life. @Colin Jones"
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